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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Posted by Richard on March 1, 2009

Houston asks:

Did God create extra terrestrial life?

You’ll notice that you won’t find a mention of extra-terrestrial life in the Bible. The question becomes, why wouldn’t God put information about life on other planets in the Bible? If God didn’t write the Bible to tell us if there is alien life, why did He write it?

The Bible is God’s ultimate story of redemption. From the fall to final glory, it tells the story of Jesus. The Old Testament points to the coming savior, and the New Testament tells of His ministry. Things that don’t fit into that story are not going to be covered in depth, if at all. We can reasonably assume that the existence of alien life will not affect our salvation.

Life, in fact all of creation, is purposed for God’s redemption story. The heavens and the earth will be wiped away when it comes time to judge mankind (Rev 20:11). Do you think God would create life on other planets just to blink them out of existence when its time to judge us?

There is a recorded purpose for the stars in the sky. Genesis 1:16 says the stars provide some light at night. Jeremiah 31:35 says God “fixed the order of the moon and the stars for light by night” which enables us to navigate with them, plan harvest and when to plant based on the calendar the stars provide. The appearance and position of certain stars and constellations in the night sky accurately denotes the time of year.