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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fossil Pie

Evolution is a Theory. It says we did evolve
From a Big Bang to amoeba.
From a fish into a frog.
We hopped up to a monkey
And we swung till we could stand.
I guess that’s when we all became
The famous Upright Man.


Oh, Charles Darwin, now you’ve done it.
You’ve propagated lies.
And the schools are force-feeding
All our children fossil pie.
I guess it really happened.
Yes, there was a great Big Bang.
You hit your head and found instead
A fully formed human.

Evolutionary teachers, carbon dating comes out wrong.
The C12 and the C14 can really ruin this song
And the geologic column really happened during the flood.
Sometimes I think your sense of time is as just as clear as mud.


By Paul Kinser.